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wish i were still the shopping queen

no longer shopping 'til I drop

Wish I Were Still The Shopping Queen
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I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, shopping, watching movies, etc...

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Date Created:2002-06-15
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Meecy is often in a bad mood due to work related problems and is always happy to get home to her growly but sweet chihuahua Coco. She enjoys shopping and going out to eat with friends and relatives or taking naps when she's not working.
Strengths: Good listener, Gets along well with others
Weaknesses: Stays tired all the time, Very Shy, Food - especially sweets and carbohydrates, Funny Men, Shopping
Special Skills: Can usually find good sales, Baking cheese cake
Weapons: Evil eyes, Two sisters, A growly chihuahua
Pet Peeves: She has an insane fear of double dippers at parties and restaurants.

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